In addition to the full Child Writes program, which can be delivered in-school, at home or in the community, Child Writes offers various workshop options to schools and community organisations.

Create it WRITE Now! 3 Day Workshop...

A three day workshop in a stimulating and inspiring environment, with hands-on training to teach you how to create a children’s picture book.  Join award winning author and publisher, Emma Mactaggart, as she takes you through the entire process creating a picture book - from generating ideas, writing and editing, to illustration and beyond.

Described by past participants as both:
‘…a perfect way of opting out of our daily world’, and 
‘…action packed and very energetic’, 

it is a relaxing and informal workshop, whilst at the same time exhilarating by virtue of the volume of information explored!

Creating a picture book is best understood by working first-hand on your own idea, developing the story and drawings – learning all of the tricks, short-cuts and lessons of experience along the way. You will potentially take home the seeds of your very own picture book, having spent the three days igniting your creativity. You will receive the book  Child Writes: Creating a Children's Picture Book is Child's Play as well as a full illustration kit, ensuring there are no more excuses for you to not tick something off your bucket list - creating your own picture book!     

Imagine it Workshop

The Imagine it workshop is a unique and interactive, two hour workshop focussed on tools and techniques for the generation of story ideas. It can be delivered to schools and to community organisations such as writers groups. 

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Custom Workshops and Presentations

Do you have a specific topic you would like to have addressed? Workshops and presentations can be tailored to the needs and requirements of your school or community organisation.

Custom workshops are presented by Emma Mactaggart – founder of Child Writes. Emma is known as a passionate and engaging literary advocate, who has self-published her own children’s picture books, established Child Writes and has published hundreds of children’s picture books through the Child Writes program. Emma has a wealth of knowledge on publishing children’s picture books, from initial ideas generation to the book launch, and everything in between! 

One roaring success we have had with the customised workshop was the book 'Finnley's Great Escape' for the Condamine Alliance.  The book was endorsed by Children's Laureate Jackie French, the project in its entirety won an award for organiser Heather Smith and the authors have just won the Chairman's Award at the Condamine Awards!  

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Child Writes Workshops

The Child Writes program is unapologetically comprehensive, offering guidance for children (or your inner child!) all the way from assisting with conception of the original idea through the writing stages, then the illustration, all the way to book launch.

It is big, it is exhausting and it is brilliant in that it offers outcomes way beyond the publication of a picture book – it makes a difference to a child’s self efficacy, empowering them and boosting their self esteem, it promotes and improves literacy and increases computer literacy, it recognises a child’s voice, expands their worldview and creates reading opportunities, helps children in crisis, provides real opportunities for authors and... quite simply really, children love it! The entire Child Writes program can be presented, or specific subjects can be delivered as stand alone workshops.

It’s Character Building

The Character Building workshop is a fun filled two hour workshop concentrating on tips and tools to enhance your character simply by getting to know them! Spending time in someone else’s shoes… An interview more comprehensive than a Leigh Sales moment… Meet and greet and get to know… It can be delivered to schools and to community organisations such as writers groups.

Lost the Plot?

Explore the most basic plot lines to ensure your story is on track. Learn to describe a stories structural flaws in terms of mixed plots, rather than ‘poor writing’. It can be delivered to schools and to community organisations such as writers groups.

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