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Emma Mactaggart is mother of three, an award winning author, speaker and publisher. She has been teaching the craft of writing and illustrating to children and adults for the last twenty years via her Child Writes program. The success of this program was the inspiration for the formation of the registered charity THE CHILD WRITES FUND and it is supported by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR). 


Her publishing business, a small press with a big purpose, Boogie Books, is the largest publisher in the world on Amazon of children’s picture books written by children for children.  These same books also flew with Jetstar for five years as part of their in-flight entertainment system. The methodology she created and used is described in her award winning text book ‘Child Writes – Creating Children’s Picture Books is Child’s Play’, and it is available as a free online course called LiveWriteShare. It was a natural leap then for Emma to initiate International Read to Me! Day, focused on the importance of reading regularly to children.

Now with a physical GLAM site - The Lighthouse Toowoomba - she continues to promote culture (literatures and art)  in the region. 

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The gloriously creative indulgence of simply sitting and day dreaming has given rise to the greatest creations in human history. We have to give ourselves permission to do so, and to imagine what will be. Of course, sometimes, 'what will be' may be very silly indeed!


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