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Upcoming Training

It is important to experience the Child Writes process in preparation for teaching it, and to learn the unique requirements of being a Child Writes tutor. Our recommended means of training is to complete a four day intensive program in Toowoomba QLD or another regional location (depending on minimum numbers).


This three day program includes an intensive version of the Child Writes program plus the tutor training (covering administrative aspects). Upcoming tutor training intensive/s are listed below.

Our Child Writes Tutor Training intensive is also suitable as a professional development program for teachers who would like to increase their literacy and artistic skills within the classroom.

2021, Toowoomba QLD

Our next tutor training and 'create a picture book' intensive workshop will be held

Monday 5, Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 July 2021. 

Monday – travel morning, starting the workshop at midday until 6pm. Where DO ideas come from? SWOT Analysis - What are my own personal skills and attributes that are useful to the success of the project? What is happening 'out there' in the world that may derail the project? (Informal dinner to share a little more of our own personal goals and aspirations) 

Tuesday - a monster of a day, 8am to 4 or 5pm (depending on everyone's stamina!) Writing, writing, writing! Explore the concept of Free Writing, to then untangling a manuscript to discover the gem of an idea waiting to be developed.  Editing, Structure, Formatting all covered.

Wednesday - Illustration - planning and more planning - using a story board, creating a dummy rough, and the magic of layering.

Thursday - wrapping up with 'Book Launch and Beyond' - focusing again on your own goals, this session will be customised to assist you create a marketing plan to encourage the success of your project.  8am until midday, so travelling possible in the afternoon.

Cost: $750.00

Includes dinner on opening night, all materials for illustration, a text book, manual and workbook,

a minimum of 24 hours session time... and eternal support!

(Accommodation and transport and all other meals are yours to organise)  


Venue to be decided! 

On-line Anytime! 

We know what the world can be like, especially when it thwarts your ambitions sometimes and makes it difficult to leave work / family / commitments for three days, so we have the course content available online... It is self directed, lifetime access, all with us standing right there should you need any support.  

The course is on another platform, LiveWriteShare, and you can have a look straight away, or simply express your interest and we will happily talk more about it when it suits you.  


The cost: $299.00  

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