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Workshops Galore

Imagine it...

With a toolbox of idea generating activities, never be bereft of creating an idea ever again! Useful for the reticent writer as well as the creative. Ideal for children Years 3 and above, including Secondary.

Character Building...

Writing the characters biography is a perfect starting point for character development. Work through the checklist of ‘must know’ character traits to create the most believable character possible. Ideal for Years 5, 6 and Secondary.

Lost the Plot

Lost the Plot? Explore the seven plots known to man and explore their functionality to change your stories point of view. Ideal for Years 4, 5 and 6, and Secondary.

  • 2 hour face-to-face presentation for any size group of children, up to 50 participants.

  • 'Child Writes: Creating a Children's Picture Book is Child's Play" - a step-by-step guide to creating a children's picture book, from generating the original idea through to book launch and beyond.

  • Imagine it... Full Resource Folder with black line markers, teachers guide and sample books creating from these idea generating tools!

  • Character Building... The Super Checklist

  • Lost the Plot? A sample for each plot line already set up in a 32 page children's picture book format

$400 each or $1000 for all three


Emma, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, thoughts and ideas with our classes (2TD and 2/3C) on Monday. Our students have been very keen to write their stories thanks to your input. We are now in the process of creating our own class publications complete with illustrations, hopefully by the end of term. Thanks again for your time, you have boosted the students motivation in an area where they needed it most.” 


—  Christine Connelly, Year 3 Teacher, Sacred Heart Primary School

If you are a budding child or adult writer looking for your next story idea, a teacher keen to share some new techniques with your class, or a potential self-publisher who just wants a sneak peek of the Child Writes book, you can download Chapter One right now.

Imagine it…

and for some more thoughts, here is the a PDF for you to print

 Where DO ideas come from Imagine it workshop

Hahaha! Ignore the cranky face thumbnail...

This is me in full flight and it does get better (and I smile more!) as I share this with you! 

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