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Emma has worked with teachers over the last fifteen years, notably guiding teachers and teachers aides through the Tutor Training Program or presenting workshops such as at the 2014 ALEA Darling Downs Conference (Keynote Speaker) and workshops with the Ipswich Teachers Librarian Network, and in the context of tutor training.  


She can feasibly deliver a version of the full Child Writes program, involving the entire process of creating a children’s picture book from the generation of the original idea through to the book launch and beyond over a three or four day period, which can be a team building project as well – or tone it right back down to something more manageable as an 'Imagine it…' which is a two hour workshop.

The professional development workshop can come to you!


If you have a progressive school with a culture of support for literacy advocates, and at least four other interested potential participants, it can be delivered on your turf.

All participants receive a certificate of attendance as a record of the material discussed and / or the workshop, and the time and date, as well as course material / teaching resources / illustration kit and more...


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