About the event


This event, held in 2019, brought together authors and speakers from across Australia - and from right here in Toowoomba - in conversation about mental health and how it affects us, our families and our community. It was an opportunity for Emma to say 'thank you' to her home community, the one that ensured Child Writes, Boogie Books, Love a Little Love, Live Writes Share and most importantly, The Child Writes Fund continues to thrive in.

We welcomed you to join the conversation, with sessions covering nearly every aspect of mental health. From young people to retirees, from home to the workplace, there was a session to suit everyone, and then we filmed it - so you can watch in a quite space of your own. 


Guest Speakers and Writers

Jules Allen

Alyssa Azar

Jeni Bonnel

Peter Carnavas

Dr Leanne Dodd

Stan Dryden

Peter Fitzsimons

Craig Hamilton

Samantha Heathwood

David Iliffe

Chris Mackey

Ray Martin

Dr Peter Mcilveen

Prudence Melom


Mandy Nolan

Tammie Pike

Karen Russell

Josh Schumann

Jen Shaw

Allan Sparkes


Mary Wagner

Alisha Weston

John Anderson

Chris Black

Anna-Louise Bouvier

Grame Cowan

Emma Linton Doig

Susan Duncan

Annie Flamsteed

Rachelle Hampson

Margaret Hepworth

David Janetzki

Sue Mackey

Geoff McDonald

Ronald McMaster

Lisa Messenger

Troy Morgan

Sharon Orapeleng

Tara Pitt

Tim Saal

Charlie Scudamore

Julie Shinners

Luke Terry

Derek Tuffield OAM

Trevor Watts

Stuart Armitage

Cr Paul Antonio

Susannah Birch

Jo Ann Capp

Charlie Divine

Dr Sharyn Donaldson

Tick Everett

Mia Freedman

Kelsey Harrigan

Suzanne Holt

Prof Shahjahan Khan

Ally Martell

Kim McGuinness

Dr John McVeigh

John Minz

Louise Noble

Jen Perrignon

Melissa Pouliot

Belinda Sanders

Edwina Shaw

Georgie Somerset

Dr Maree Toombs

Jacinta Tynan

Amanda Webster



Oh my! We can share a PODCAST too!

Take some time out of your busy day and hang out with our amazing speakers. Here is the link to the podcast.

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