About the Book

Mitten the kitten is fiesty and fabulous and knows her own mind.

When she gets distracted, however, she finds herself entering a world she had never imagined existed.





Jayde Rumoro started writing at the age of 6. Before then, she used to make up stories verbally whilst creating it with figurines and a toy castle.

Nowadays, she is very passionate about doing the thing she loves; writing, creating stories and making worlds of her own in all types of genres.

She was inspired to write this book by her lost cat, Samantha.




Abby Johnstone is a 12-year-old who lives in Sydney with her Mum and Dad, her sister Luca and Cookie; her very loving dog. Ever since she was little Abby has always loved to draw.

The illustrations in this book have been hand drawn in pencil, and then scanned into the computer. The pictures are then colored in Photoshop. Abby loved drawing this book because she likes using her imagination but most importantly she loves animals.

She hopes this will bring a smile and some happiness to every person (and cat) who reads this book.