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Helping children understand their world - one beautiful book at a time.


Boogie Books was established in 2003 to support a single title, ‘I Can Do Anything’, a book about a little girl who needed to believe she WAS big enough to go to school.

It has grown to become a small press publisher with a HUGE agenda: to support children as they write and illustrate their own books via the Child Writes program. We are so proud to share that Boogie Books is the largest publisher in the world of children’s books by children on Amazon.


It also supports the titles created by adults who contribute significantly to support The Child Writes Fund, and International Read to Me! Day.

Boogie Books

Boogie Books

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What we do?

Boogie Books is a small press
publisher with a BIG purpose

Primary school aged children who work with the Child Writes tutors and create a children's picture book are invited to submit their work for consideration for publication.


Once their book has been accepted, the author is offered a contract, the printer is contacted and the book launch is arranged. 

Boogie Books only has one one expectation of all its published authors - they are to donate copies of their books to locations where their peers may be in crisis.

When I first published my book, I gave my closest family and friends a copy of my book for Christmas presents, and after that there were a number of people who wanted a copy. So I reprinted and sold copies to those people. I am currently working towards placing my book in a local bookshop with order by consignment.

Blake, age 9, author & illustrator
'Hamish and His Hovercraft'

What Authors Say about us


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