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Create a Book 5 X 5 Workshop

The Create a Book 5 x 5 Workshop evolved from the

success of the creation of ‘Finnley’s Great Escape’.


A team of enthusiastic writers and illustrators gathered to

create a beautiful book with a passionate purpose – to save our waterways

from the degrading effects of introduced species of fish, namely the Tilapia. 


Now we have completed five book that are fit for purpose:

1. Finnley's Great Escape (Condamine Alliance)

2. Melanie & Me (The Melanoma Awareness Foundation)

3. Too Bright Tonight (QIC / Hinkler Shopping Centre)

4. Rachel's Quest (YellowBridge Disability Access)

5. Luke Perry Calypso Goes to Space (QLD Children's Hospital School)

Now, the workshop has evolved to ensure within 5 days, a group can create a picture book with purpose, with the assistance of 5 people, taking 5 steps in the production, each step having 5 specific tasks! It is fun, fast and furious and perfect for a school holiday or a camp activity,

even for a team building exercise for adults!

Think of it as a 'turn-key' project - we bring the materials, supply the tuition, resident artist, do the graphic design for the books setup, and organise the printing and delivery.

The production outcome (after 4 days in creative mode) is an illustrated children's picture book that can be set up on the 5th day so to have a draft eBook available for a public viewing!

Once the book is finalised, it is then set up to be print ready. 

(This is the only point where there is a delay – the printing can take months!)

The magic is this can actually be done! We have done it successfully and the process is manageable – albeit frantic – and it is loads of fun – albeit hard work. It is not for the feint hearted, but nor is it inaccessible.  There are more details to share, but this should be enough to demonstrate indeed everyone had a role to fulfill in the project regardless of their age, their skill level.

Expression of Interest

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