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Write it Write Now!

3 Day Workshop

For three glorious days immerse yourself in the entire process required to create a children's picture book. Cover all topics from generating original ideas, writing techniques, editing and proofreading, illustrations tools and techniques, publishing, marketing and beyond the book launch. 

This workshop is BRILLIANT for any aspiring writer who has on their bucket list 'I want to write a book'.

A three day workshop in a stimulating and inspiring environment, with hands-on training to teach you how to create a children’s picture book.  Join award winning author and publisher, Emma Mactaggart, as she takes you through the entire process creating a picture book - from generating ideas, writing and editing, to illustration and beyond.


Emma shares a tried and tested methodology that over 350 children have used to create their own children’s picture book as well as experience from creating her own picture books.


Described by past participants as both: ‘…a perfect way of opting out of our daily world’, and ‘…action packed and very energetic’, It is a relaxing and informal workshop, whilst at the same time exhilarating by virtue of the volume of information explored!  

Creating a picture book is best understood by working first-hand on your own idea, developing the story and drawings – learning all of the tricks, short-cuts and lessons of experience along the way. You will potentially take home the seeds of your very own picture book, having spent the three days igniting your creativity. You will receive the book Child Writes: Creating a Children's Picture Book is Child's Play as well as a full illustration kit, ensuring there are no more excuses for you to not tick something off your bucket list - creating your own picture book!     

Our next tutor training and 'create a picture book'
intensive workshop will be held Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd,
Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th June 2020. 

  • Monday – travel morning, starting the workshop at midday until 6pm. Where DO ideas come from? SWOT Analysis - What are my own personal skills and attributes that are useful to the success of the project? What is happening 'out there' in the world that may derail the project? (Informal dinner to share a little more of our own personal goals and aspirations) 

  • Tuesday - a monster of a day, 8am to 4 or 5pm (depending on everyone's stamina!) Writing, writing, writing! Explore the concept of Free Writing, to then untangling a manuscript to discover the gem of an idea waiting to be developed.  Editing, Structure, Formatting all covered.

  • Wednesday - Illustration - planning and more planning - using a story board, creating a dummy rough, and the magic of layering.

  • Thursday - wrapping up with 'Book Launch and Beyond' - focusing again on your own goals, this session will be customised to assist you create a marketing plan to encourage the success of your project.  8am until midday, so travelling possible in the afternoon.


Cost: $750.00

Includes dinner on opening night, all materials for illustration, a text book, manual and workbook, a minimum of 24 hours session time... and eternal support! (Accommodation and transport and all other meals are yours to organise)  


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