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The Child Writes Program

The Child Writes Program, in its full glory, is unapologetically huge! It is a literacy program and an adventure for primary school aged children from Years 4, 5 or 6, giving children a megaphone for their voices by using books as a platform. With a hand-holding step-by-step methodology led by experienced passionate literacy advocates and tutors, children participate in 2 hours workshops each week for Terms One, Two and Three, learning all that is involved in creating a children's picture book; from developing the original idea, writing stages, through to using professional tools for illustrations, editing and proofreading, to the book launch and beyond. Each child, having written and illustrated their own picture book is then asked to submit their proposed book to Boogie Books, a publisher supporting the program. Each child is then considered for publication, with the successful applicants being offered a publishing agreement,

ensuring they are indeed published authors!

It is all about empowering children to navigate their future through story!

It is ideal for schools in an 'after school' care setting, or if the timetable has living subjects built in to the weekly timetable. Since 2005 370 plus children have created their own picture book at 8 different schools across Queensland and Victoria. 

Imagine it › Write it › Evaluate it › Edit it › Proofread it › Appraise it › Plan it › See it (storyboard) › Feel it (dummy rough) › Draw it › Illustrate it › Finish it (book launch)

The easiest way to share more is to let you hear from those who have been involved...

As well as an amazing amount of tuition, children also receive...

  • Child Writes book

  • Tutor Guide (for tutor/parent)

  • Student Workbook

  • Art kit including illustration materials

  • Editing by head office editor

  • Preparation of electronic files for publishing and ebook

  • Tutor support (for tutor/parent) by phone and internet

  • All proofs for printing

  • Ten printed copies of the completed book (published by Boogie Books, under the Child Writes brand)

  • Child Writes completion certificate

  • Publishing contract and online commercial opportunities


Silverton Invitation

Video invitation by the Silverton children for their book launch in 2014!


I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to review this book. It is a step-by-step guide to writing and illustrating a children's picture book. It could be used as the children's story book writer's bible. It is so comprehensive and covers, in plain English, all that you need to know when writing for children.

It answers all the questions that an emerging writer asks and can rarely get the answers too. As the author of over 12 children's books I have learned quite a bit from reading this book. Emma has put so much research into her books which it is shown by the multitude of knowledge she reveals to the reader. I consider this a must to anyone who wants to write a children's picture book.

Coral Nicholls

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