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Child Writes is a unique and powerful concept with piques the interest of many people.
If it has captured your attention, here are some ways that you can become involved in what we are doing

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Buy the Child Writes book or download titles written and illustrated by children


Enrol your child in the Child Writes program - Consider becoming 
tutor - Approach your school about running a Child Writes workshop or program, if they do not already do so

If you are a parent

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Consider donating a copy of the Child Writes book to your local library


Contact Child Writes to discuss running a workshop or program at your school - Consider becoming a Child Writes tutor so that you can deliver it

If you are a teacher or literacy advocate

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Distribute the flyers below to your school, children who may want to participate in the correspondence program or those who may be interested in become a tutor


Ask your parent if you can enrol in the Child Writes program

If you are a student

Consider becoming a Child Writes tutor so that you can mentor

If you are a writer


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