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Just because it is on your bucket list, should you do it?’

Well, the short answer is ‘yes’. The long answer is ‘absolutely yes, I can’t believe I let my life get so complicated as to not have time to do this earlier!’

It is useful to go back to the reason you may have had a bucket list in the first place, and I am not simply talking about it in the sense of having an awareness of our own mortality, but rather, it is a statement about our own goals.  It is the ultimate ‘to-do’ list, and keeping focus on this list, ticking things off, means you are inevitably going feel more efficient and therefore, more productive. This, in turn again, improves your life as you have a sense of purpose.  In a sense, working through your bucket list can keep you on track for a living a more meaningful life.

The Wall Street Journal has a panel of Experts who focus on the stories of the day, discussing, in-depth, their personal interpretations and views, online[1].

One of the experts, Morgan Fairchild, says not only do we need bucket lists; we also need to make sure it is a living document, because as we ‘tick’ something off, we make room for more incredible dreams and aspirations. Another of the experts, Marc Feedman describes a bucket list is more than leaving a legacy - and it is actually living one. 

Your dreams and aspirations are important, simply because you are important. It is an amazing stage of our lives when we reach that understanding and we are willing and able to share our experiences with others, irrespective of the form this takes.   When it comes to writing a book, like any skill we acquire, or indeed, addressing anything else on our lists, it is simply a matter of taking one step at a time, because you can!

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[1] March19 2013 The Experts: Do We All Need ‘Bucket Lists’?

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