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Why Do the Live Write Share Course?

You possibly have been looking for inspiration / counsel / information about creating a children’s picture book, and you have found this. (At least, I hope that is how you come to read it because we have you firmly in our mind as I write!)

I have been creating children’s picture books for nearly 15 years and I’ve contributed hours and hours and HOURS to the ether making mistakes, errors and tripping over myself until I could explain the process in a methodical and ‘doable’ way.

I’ve tested the process, the methodology, on children from as young as 5 to adults as old as, well, let me say I fondly call them ‘grannies who give’. It has been used in group situations over a couple of days, to one-on-one mentoring over a couple of years! Yet it is important to distil the three most important reasons for you here...

1. It is the kindest hand-holding guide to fulfilling your own ambition of creating a children’s picture book...

And oh boy, do we hold your hand!

There is a full video introduction to each and every topic and facet you need to know to create the book, from establishing that very first fabulous idea, through to planning illustrations, to the publication and beyond, as well as workbooks, chapter notes. It is a full and comprehensive and very detailed course, and it is everything I have learnt over 15 years, but you don’t need to make as many mistakes as I did!

2. With this information, you share with others how to create their own children's picture book...

Sharing what you have learnt is the heartfelt reaction of all nurturing creatives, and yes, I am including you in that description.

Once you create a book and share it with the world, you WILL DEFINITELY be asked ‘how’ by the next person who is aspiring to create their book. It’s true! This ‘giving back’ to the community by sharing your expertise is incredibly rewarding.

3. With this information, you can teach children how to create a picture book

The Child Writes Program is, effectively, the LiveWriteShare Course! All that changes is the audience–in front of you will be a sea of little faces, excited about creating their own book because, for a child, authors and illustrators are ‘rock stars’ and they love nothing more than books! To create their own is something that is outside of their normal education, yet it will give lifelong learning outcomes, and you may just want to expand your reach and repertoire by working with kids!

It is for you, it is right for you and we are here for you. You can do this... You can.

For more information click here

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