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How long have you held the dream of creating a children’s picture book? Whether you intend to give the gift of words and images in book form to your loved ones, write the next Children’s bestseller, or help others to bring their ideas to life… Child Writes is the book for you!

Emma Mactaggart, picture book author, publisher and founder of the unique Child Writes program, shares her proven methodology for creating picture books.

Child Writes provides comprehensive, commonsense and creative inspiration for anyone who has ever wanted to make a picture book. It’s not just for writers, not just for illustrators. It’s for anyone starting out a picture book creator, whether they wish to pursue commercial publication or self publication. From the very beginning of creating an idea, to writing it, through to publishing and marketing it, every step of the way is clearly explained.

Learn how to:

  • Generate unique, appealing and endearing story ideas
  • Take your writing through a rigorous editing and appraisal process
  • Work confidently with storyboards and dummy roughs to produce amazing illustrations
  • Use Australian contacts and recommended resources to shortcut the process

The reward you will experience when you hold your published children’s picture book in your hands cannot easily be surpassed. Don’t dream bout it any longer. The time to start is right now!

Chapter One: Imagine it…

Child Writes Creating a Children's Picture Book is Child's Play

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