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Society so often uses the word ‘giving’ and that’s true of Christmas as we shop, wrap and give gifts to each other to celebrate. What if it is more than that? Picture this: Christmas is a timely reminder of our ability to be generous – generous with time, energy AND those lovely gifts. It is a time to bring people together, to share skills and enthusiasm and collaboratively, when we bring this generosity together in a shared space (a family, a workplace, a school…), then this is what we are celebrating.

I have been fortunate enough to work with an incredible business mentor, Kim McGuiness and one of her earliest shared pearls of wisdom was: ‘Always be more generous than you first intended’.

This single statement has become one of those defining motivations for everything we do at Boogie Books and with Child Writes. As soon as a plan is hatched for an event, we work out what we can add to the offering. As soon as a strategy for sales is organised, we look through our intellectual stock and see what can accompany the product. It is an incredibly joyful way to operate, and yet, it did take a while for the switch as we calculated the ‘cost’ until we realised the ‘benefit’ was incalculable!

With this ethos in mind, if you would like a copy of the award-winning ‘Imagine’ for special children in your world this Christmas, please, would you also accept the backstory behind the books creation (in the form of a chapter from our Child Writes text book), an activity booklet that accompanies the book and will keep little people busy in the holidays, as well as the ‘why’ the activity booklet is special – in the form of Teacher Resource notes! We will send you all of these via email!

It really is an ‘Imagine it’ package and it has been created over time, with love and passion. Free gift wrapping and postage (Australia) for all orders before 30 November. Just put in the Discount Code: GENEROSITY on checkout.

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