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You don’t have to be an adult to become a published author!


The Child Writes Correspondence Program is now available to budding authors and illustrators across Australia! This individual version of the Child Writes program offers children the same opportunities and benefits as its classroom counterpart. Children participating in the program will be guided through the process of writing, editing and illustrating their very own children’s picture books. These books are published by boutique publisher Boogie Books (complete with ISBNs), making the children official authors and illustrators!

The program also encourages children to celebrate their achievement through a book launch or party, and to donate copies of their book to places where children are in crisis. All Child Writes authors are offered a publishing contract upon completion of the program, and Boogie Books makes commercial opportunities available through online ebook sales. Child Writes published titles are currently part of the ipad inflight entertainment for Jetstar!

Subjects Covered

The course covers the process of writing and illustrating a children’s picture book, from the initial idea generation to the book launch!

Imagine it › Write it › Evaluate it › Edit it › Proofread it › Appraise it › Plan it › See it (storyboard) › Feel it (dummy rough) › Draw it › Illustrate it › Finish it!

How it Works

Self-paced program with option for deadlines to simulate publishing environment. Expected timeframe of between three months and one year for completion.

Individual program with assistance from the tutor or parent.

Instruction for the designated tutor or parent is through the Tutor Guide (part of the program materials). Telephone and online support is available from the Child Writes office.

Editing and preparation of ebook files (in preparation for publishing and to create ebooks) is completed by the Child Writes office staff, eliminating the need for tutors or parents to be skilled in these areas.

What you Receive

Child Writes book

Tutor Guide (for tutor/parent)

Student Workbook

Art kit including illustration materials

Editing by head office editor

Preparation of electronic files for publishing and ebook

Tutor support (for tutor/parent) by phone and internet

All proofs for printing

Ten printed copies of the completed book (published
by Boogie Books, under the Child Writes brand)

Child Writes completion certificate

Publishing contract and online commercial opportunities

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